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Product Review
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Swimming is one of the most effective low-impact exercise there is, and lap-swimming is the total workout. The problem is that few of us have easy access to Olympic-sized pools or care to invest in a pricey “swim in place pool.” Now, the Riptide swim tether makes it possible to get the benefits of a lap-swimming workout in pools of almost any size.

Whether you consider it a “swim in place tether”, a “stationary swimming device” or a “resistance tether” you’ll find Riptide is the right exercise, workout, and training tool for you. This custom-fit swim tether gives you endless swimming in almost any pool.

Before the invention of the Riptide, swimming tether products were often difficult to use, poorly designed, and failed to deliver results. The Riptide takes resistance swimming to a higher level. Each swim tether is sized just for you, so comfort won’t be sacrificed for performance. You will enjoy getting more use out of your home pool with Riptide. And since it’s portable, the Riptide goes wherever you go.

This is stationary swimming with a difference. The Riptide tether is affordable and a smart choice for anyone from the beginner to the extreme athlete.